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I used to be in the "adult entertainment" industry. I did over 50 porn scenes, danced at strip clubs, and dabbled in "escorting" -- AKA prostitution. As a sex worker, I heard from countless young girls asking me how to get in the business and how to be "successful" in porn. Now that I am finally out of this business and seeing it for what it is, I ask why? Why do so many girls these days aspire to have sex on camera, or dance naked in the laps of strange men? What happened?

Our models can visit every country, including the american countries and the United States of America, Arabian countries, Dubai, China, the whole European Union and the rest of Europe.

15-11-2012  · Meet the Ari Emanuels of the adult industry, negotiating for talent and fighting for commissions in a $1 billion business that -- except for the sex part ...

Lucas — who was born in Russia and has lived in New York and Israel — has been one of the more successful Jews in the industry, as both a gay pornographic actor and an entrepreneur. His company Lucas Entertainment is the biggest gay adult film company in New York and has made some of the most expensive gay pornos of all time. He is fiercely pro-Israel and pro-gay rights, and in 2009 his film Men of Israel was the first adult movie to feature only gay Jewish actors.

"Join a growing number of people who have made a decision to eliminate porn from their lives. Sign your name, and publicly declare that you won't use porn, or have an intimate relationship with anyone who does."





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