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There are two types of mange , demodectic and sarcoptic. Demodectic is usually seen in puppies from mites that spread to the puppy from the mother. Sarcoptic dog mange is from mites that spread from dog to dog or dog to wild animal contact. Mange dog skin sores ooze and crust over along with hair loss and itch. This may occur in one small area or may occur all over the body.

Chamomile is a very effective and safe calming herb that can be given to dogs who are stressed out. One easy way is to make a cup of chamomile tea, let it cool down and then add some of the tea to your dog's food. (About one to four teaspoon depending on the size of the dog.)

A sore vagina can be caused by sex, childbirth, or infections. If you're experiencing vaginal soreness, there are many home treatments available to alleviate symptoms. If there is not an obvious cause of your sore vagina, see a medical professional. You want to rule out medical conditions like sexually transmitted infections and certain cancers. In the future, there are steps you can take to prevent your vagina from becoming sore. Practicing safe sex and using lubricants can prevent a sore vagina from occurring.

If anything can get more irritating than being down with flu, it is getting up with a horrible cough in the morning. Your whole body aches and your throat burns. The worst part of bronchitis is that no matter what you try, the cough refuses to go away.

Penis or Scrotum Symptoms ... ( penis or scrotum) Injuries are not covered here; Symptoms. Penis symptoms include rash ... draining sore , spreading redness, etc ...





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