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We do know, however, that porn, even the more aggressive sort, does not invariably turn people into villains. It can be a substitute or proxy for "real" sex. But it also is a world of fantasy sex, a place where people can safely dream about things they would not want to have happen or do in real life (just as we may like movies that present us with worlds we would not want to live in). Research has shown that many men report having sexual fantasies that incorporate some element of coercion. And so do women. But in one's fantasy world, one is in control.

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In 2012, Staller founded the Democracy, Nature and Love Party (DNA). Its objectives included the legalization of same-sex marriage, the reopening of former brothels ("closed houses"), a guaranteed minimum wage for young people, improvements to the judiciary, and the elimination of the privileges of the rich political "caste".

The issue of escorting is fairly divisive among performers, in part because it’s a relatively new phenomenon: While some performers have presumably been covertly working private for years, the practice was largely stigmatized within the adult film community until recently. “It used to be that [performers] who escorted, if that was known, weren’t hired, because they were considered a higher risk factor w/ STDs,” says adult performer Kayden Kross, who entered the industry in 2006. “No one wanted them on their set.”

After adopting the name ‘Mia Etcheverria’ for the productions she has signed a contract agreeing to have sex with either men or women on camera - although she does have one condition.





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