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A variety of vibrators provide penile or anal stimulation. Vibrating bullets, vibrating sleeves, or spot vibrators can all provide intense stimulation to your Erogenous Zones .

Prostate milking is not difficult to do, and in fact can be easily stimulated by the Aneros prostate massager . This massager facilitates prostate massage by using the natural movements of your muscles to massage your prostate gland. As a result, you will get a natural and hands-free orgasm.

If male factor infertility has been diagnosed, hopeful parents can search the online sperm donor database to find a sperm donor, or have a close friend or relative donate sperm. Our sperm donor program works with both types of donors (anonymous and directed donors), guiding intended parents through every step of the donation process.

This jack off technique is called Plasticine Pleasure cos it’s a bit like the fun you had rolling lumps of plasticine when you were a kid. All you do is place your cock between both hands and rub...





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